Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance in Edmonton

Commercial / Business vehicles are any vehicles and trailers that a business or company uses to transport job related materials, goods or equipment. At A-Kan Insurance, we can provide you coverages for Individual Commercial Automobile, Commercial Fleet and Garage Automobile exposures.

  • Individual Commercial Automobile Insurance – When you use your vehicle for business purposes rather than for personal use, then a form of commercial auto insurance is necessary.  Some examples are landscaping trucks, vehicles used in the Oil and Gas field, contractors, delivery vehicles and commercial trailers.
  • Commercial Fleet – Consists of 5 or more commercially rated vehicles all wrapped up into one policy.  No maximum number of units.
  • Garage Automobile policies are designed to meet the special needs of operations like dealers, service stations and repair shops.

In addition to providing your commercial vehicles with coverage such as fire, theft, collision and 3rd party liability coverages we have implemented commercial insurance programs specially designed for growing niche areas. We introduced an independent distributor program which offers outstanding coverages and prices for local commodity haulers on a set route. Recently we joined up with an insurance provider to offer a new and exciting Sand and Gravel truck program.

*** For exact terms, definitions, limitations and extensions, please talk to your broker and refer to your final policy wording ***

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