Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance in Edmonton

Whether you own a home, condominium or rent, personal property and contents insurance is something you need. We all go about our days and take for granted at times the roof over our head, the bed we sleep in, the stove we cook on and the televisions we watch. A-Kan is here to help you discover what kind of property insurance you need and why. We represent multiple insurance companies that offer comprehensive packages, outstanding claims services and very competitive discounted prices. With us you also have the added comfort of us as your broker. We are here to answer any questions you may have and make the whole process of setting up a policy and renewing it year after year just a little bit easier with that personal touch and friendly face.

Discounts Available:

  • Multiple vehicles
  • Professional / Occupational
  • Short Commute
  • Pleasure Only
  • Claims Free
  • Claims and Conviction Savers
  • Age Credits
  • Deductible Incentives
  • Experienced Driver
  • Driving Training

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